Always Be My Baby - Sesshoumaru & Rin AMV50 viewsDisclaimer: I do not own anything revolving around this video. The song, lyrics, ect, belong to their rightful owners. The clips are from the Inuyasha episodes and movies. (Feudal Fairytale, Final Act, and Swords of an Honorable Ruler.)

Song: Always Be My Baby
Artist: David Cook (Originally done by Mariah Carrey.)

Sadly, I myself did not make this video, DemonsxXxHeart did - All of it. She posts her stuff on my account cause on hers, all she really does are Lyric Videos.
Rin and Sesshoumaru by BritishInsanity50 viewsUploaded by BritishInsanity on Feb 9, 2007

A cute lil video about Rin/Sesshy ^--^
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