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Rin and sesshoumaru Story Ideas/Manga Ideas

I'm new here and am so excited to learn that there are many others hopefully that enjoy the two! I'm an amateur artist at best, but sometimes I can crank out a wonderful piece, you can check out my Tumblr which is https://www.tumblr.com/blog/pandachanmudraws <-- (Link if ya wanna check it!) I'm all for drawing a manga or story pic of them, and it would be awesome if I can get a collab with someone. But more so for this topic I'm hoping to see if we can spread some ideas around and see something of it! I would be honored to participate in the art fest and writing fest, but also would love to read any new amazing stories, I am not so good at the writing part of it haha. I'm trailing... oh yea so any ideas or comments on projects? 


Hi XiongMao,

Hi XiongMao, Welcome on board. First of all I like your name and secondly I love your avatar haha so cute. Thanks for coming here, this page is so silent and it was my pleasure to have your interest in signing up. I tried to visit the link you have given but it said access denied. Have you change the link? Regards.

Hiya icegirljenni

Yes sorry about that, I guess I posted the wrong link, but on tumblr my name is just pandachanmu92 ad i have two pages, one with a storyline of years passed and my pandachanmu92draws page :)