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Night Blooming Rose

My invice for you if you ever come across a Shikon Jewel try not to be possessed................

Look at what Jenni found! Laughing out loud Tongue  Trust me!  You shall be amazed!  AMAZED I say! XD

Here's the link: http://inuyashastuff.wikia.com/wiki/Inu_Kimi But I'm also going to add some of the "great" info.Tongue

InuYasha and Inu Kimi don't meet each other in the series. However, Inuyasha had met her other son, Menomaru the moth demon, in the first movie.

Wow!  I had no idea that Menomaru and Sesshomaru were related.  Did anybody else?  This is all new to me. XD
In the Final Act Rin and Kohaku went to save her now both of them were trapped in the Meido Zangata (outer space) and Sesshomaru and Inu Kimi talked with eachother.
​I had no idea that Rin and Kohaku tried to save Lady Mother!  I really didn't. XD  Also, even though the Meido looks like it's Outer Space, I thought is was a pathway...  Hm.  Oh, well, what do I know? Tongue
During the Final Act Sesshomaru does a test and he regains his left arm and he gets a new sword called the Bakusaiga. (That can kill his ememies). When Sesshomaru got Bakusaiga he was the same as usual no expresion.
Wow, great info on Bakusaiga there. XD
Inu No Taishu distroyed amost half the castle, and Takemaru's right arm! Then Takemaru put the castle on fire and he went inside the castle like a baka (idiot).
​Um, well, ok. XD
Naraku is a being that was created by a idoet Origomu that let himself be devoired by demons.
​Well, I'm getting the feeling some opinions might be in here.  I have NO idea why though. Tongue
During the Final Act Naraku dies.......FOR-GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally.
​Um, ok...  Yippeee!!!! XD
Jaken can be pathetic and annioying.
Well, always trust wikia, right? Tongue
Then he (Byakuya) aventully dies like everyone evil person on the show.
Well, that's all I need to know, I guess. XD
Kagura is annioying and quiet stupid even though she tries so hard to act kool
Yep!  Everything is very professional.  No opinions at all. Tongue:
Well if you want to know more about Kagura you have to watch InuYasha.
But, but, what if I don't want to do that?  Oh, well, must do as any wikia contributor says. Tongue
During the Final Act Kohaku dies becuase a demon named Monomero took the Shikon Jewel out of Kohaku's back.
​But I thought he came back to life!!! Shock
Rin will be 14 years old after the Final Act (she is 7 years old right now).
​Whoa!  I had no idea 7 years past!!!  Well, must always trust any wikia contributor, right? Tongue
My invice for you if you ever come across a Shikon Jewel try not to be possessed................
jk just kidding but if you do try no to be possessed.
Now, this is the topic's namesake.  Good advice, ya know. Tongue
Oh, gosh!  Please tell me I'm not the only one having fun with this! Tongue  And there's more, but those are the ones that stand out the most. Tongue



This is not entertainment

This is not entertainment wikia, This should be called Entertaining wikia... laughed loads!!!


Night Blooming Rose

That's for sure!  Good one!

That's for sure!  Good one! :D  I had so much fun with this, Jenni, can tell you that. :P

Also, Jenni believed one piece of info there and that's why she showed it to me.  Guess what she believed. :P


HUH!?!?!?!? oh my god,

HUH!?!?!?!? oh my god, menomaru is....?
:o what an interesting life inu no kimi has...


I know right? XD This is

I know right? XD This is really hilarious. I was not aware of this when I read it at first. It was Divine Rose who digged in all pages and found out XD

Night Blooming Rose

Yup!  You sure wasn't.  You

Yup!  You sure wasn't.  You were believing it till I pointed some things out. 


oh man i'm confused O.o so it

oh man i'm confused O.o so it wasn't real? i don't know if i should be dissapointed or glad lolll laugh

Night Blooming Rose

Definitely wasn't real.  Just

Definitely wasn't real.  Just some person trolling or stating what s/he believes because of whatever reasoning. XD LOL


ahh i'm glad then (but a

ahh i'm glad then :D (but a little but dissapointed too lol)

Night Blooming Rose

She sure has! When I saw that

She sure has!

When I saw that I was like: "Whoa! I don't remember that! /sarcasm" XD 

When I saw that I knew whoever did it was a troll. XD  Though Jenni believed that.