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An excuse for dumping public messages...


Welcome Back, Divine Rose!

It's been a while!  Sorry I was not able to reply to your comments last time.  *looks pointedly at icegirljenni* haha


Anyway, to the members, I'm just posting this forum topic to flood test the features.  You can drop comments here if you want...  maybe we can talk about the site's features on this thread.  laugh


Cheers and Happy Valentine's Day!  heart




Shout out to everyone!!!

Shout out to everyone!!! (ahem only 2 members here XD )

We will be there soon XD as in the number of members LOL

Hello Rime chan! Hi Di! 

Hope you both have a wonderful day today n___n

Happy Valentine's day heart


ahem only 2 members here

ahem only 2 members here XD


I know right!  Shhhhh!  We should act like there's so many of us, LOL.


Di hasn't logged in.....

Night Blooming Rose


I am here! cool

Jenni, just now decided to tell me about this forum feature and that you two were posting here.  I had no idea about it. LOL

Jenni, you should tell me these things sooner. *poke* *poke*  Haha cheeky

Oh!  And Happy Late Valentine's Day to all!heart

(And, I am with Koorime, we should pretend there is more of us here. wink Haha)


I like your icon! D:

I guess, we should put up a feature guide, no?  I'm amazed by the pile of features that Jenni has installed here, but we still need to 'fill' it at the moment.  laugh


Hey, I see a new member on the side bar!  Welcome to Rin-Sess, LeettleKitty!

Night Blooming Rose

Thanks! I like yours as well! Love Sessh's transformation!

Yes, that guide would help!  I am new to this kind of site, and I really don't know how much of anything works.  I just guess and see if I did it right and I doubt I recognize all the features.blush LOL  Wow, I knew Jenni, been busy with this.  I am impressed with her.smiley


Yay!  Another new member!  Welcome LeettleKitty!


I was so impressed, too!  I

I was so impressed, too!  I feel like uploading nonsense, just so I can try out the features.  XD

I heard that we can upload fics here as well.  I can't wait for Rin-Sess to have more members!  I told Jenni that I'll dump her site with as many Sess material as I can.  X3

How are you, Di?  Haven't seen you on FFnet lately...  not that I update myself.

Night Blooming Rose

LOL  I know what you mean

LOL  I know what you mean though.  So much fun to try it out. XD

That's what I heard Jenni say as well.smiley  I can't either!  This place is awesome!heart  I hope you do, and I'll support you! Haha  I would too if I could figure out the features. LOL

I'm fine.  How are you?  No, I haven't really been on there.  I want to update soon, though, but something always happens to stop me.  I hope you can update soon!


Just upload anything, Di,

Just upload anything, Di, then we'll see how it turns out!  angel  We're beta-testers, after all.  LOL.


I've been busy these days.  crying  This is probably the most challenging part of my school life!  You can throw things at me, for not updating, and I will gladly... evade it.  XD

Night Blooming Rose

I don't know how to upload.

I don't know how to upload.  I'll have to see if I can figure out how before I do. LOL  Yes, we are that and what a great one I am... blush


Oh, that sounds rough.  Hang in there!  I know you can do it!yes  You'll gladly evade it? LOL  Well, I'll just have to figure out something you can't evade.devil Haha

Night Blooming Rose

Hi Koorime! Yes, it has.  And

Hi Koorime!

Yes, it has.  And I know all of what Jenni has done.devil Haha

That's fine.  I understand.smiley