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りん (Rin)

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Chapter 129

InuYasha Anime

Episode 35

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Affections Touching Across Time

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Anime, Manga and Movie

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Japanese Seiyū

Mamiko Noto

English VA

Brenna O'Brien











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Rin (りん?) is an eight-year-old orphan girl who finds Sesshomaru in the woods beneath a huge tree, after being badly wounded by Inuyasha's sword. During this time, after her entire family was slaughtered by night robbers, Rin never speaks, only communicating with hand gestures and friendly smiles. Later, various wolves are sent by Koga, killing and eating the villagers. Recovered from his wounds, Sesshomaru finds Rin's lifeless body and revives her using Tenseiga. After that, Rin starts talking again and remains in company with Sesshomaru, Jaken, and a two-headed dragon Ah-Un. Throughout the series, she is known for her kindness and loyalty to Sesshomaru, even though he's a cold and uncaring demon.


She believes that men are more evil than demons because human robbers killed her entire family. In the Final Act, she causes grief and great sadness to him when she dies so in a way, Rin brings out the best in Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru never shows to other people his feelings for Rin, but he does have them. Rin also has a good relationship with Kohaku, as she tells him what about her family's murderous death. Kohaku tried to kill her when under Naraku's mind control, but once free, he became Rin's best friend and protects her along with Sesshomaru. She is able to fully control Ah-Un, and is recognized as his main master, as shown several times in openings and episodes that Jaken can't fully control the beast, even though he got him first. It may either because Rin showed him kindness that he protects her and lets her ride him, or he may just like her better than Jaken.


She is seen riding him the most often. Besides that she has no special abilities except in the third movie she uses Sesshomaru's sword as a protective barrier. At the end of the InuYasha series, Rin lives with Kaede, although Sesshomaru is shown often visiting her and bringing her gifts, and also becomes the caretaker of her best friend's twin nieces and nephew, Miroku and Sango's children. Inuyasha states that when the time comes, she can choose whether to travel with Sesshomaru or live with humans. Rin's age is around eleven or twelve when the series ends.

In the anime, she is voiced by Mamiko Noto. In the English dub, she is voiced by Brenna O'Brien.


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Later life

Three years after the defeat of Naraku, Rin is living happily with Kaede in her village. Inuyasha commented that this was “practice” for her to live in a human village as an adult, but that she may also choose to rejoin Sesshomaru and his other companions. Sesshomaru is shown visiting her, bringing her a new kimono. Kaede asks what he brought her “this time”, implying that he often brings her presents.[5]


Powers and Abilities

Rin does not have any special powers or abilities, but it can be said that she brings out Sesshomaru's more compassionate side, allowing him to pass one of his father's later tests. Her youth and vulnerability seem to bring out the best in everyone she meets, and even Sesshomaru and Jaken seem to warm up to her and become very protective of her.



Rin is a very kind and innocent little girl and shows little fear. This is evident when she is first introduced, trying to nurse Sesshomaru back to health despite his attempts to run her. off She is also quite curious, including what Sesshomaru's motives are, and typically asks a lot of questions (much to the annoyance of Jaken). Rin appears to be less afraid of demons than most other people, stating that bandits are much scarier than demons. She is also a very loyal child, sticking by Sesshomaru through thick and thin, and trusting him to always come back to her.

Rin, being an orphan, was independant and knew how to get food for herself by rummaging through fields and stealing food; good skills to have in the Feudal Era. Rin, ever since she was first killed by wolves and resurrected, treasures life every single day and counts herself lucky to be alive. Because of her innocence, she will approach anyone, be they friend or foe. Rin has the strength to trust in people's good intentions and has a gentle heart. She also doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact that Sesshomaru has killed countless demons in front of her as she seems to be aware that he does it to protect her and/or their group.



Rin was a very small child who had long black hair, pale skin, and bright brown eyes. Her hair had bangs, but the bangs on the right side were tied up into a small ponytail jutting out in front of her face. This was her trademark: her long dark hair with a single, short pigtail on her right. Rin's appearance was that of a typically young, barefoot peasant girl commonly found during the Sengoku period. Despite changing her appearance on a few occasions, her overall most common style did not change.












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Rin wore a common kosode that extended just below her knees. Her initial design was that of an ordinary, tarred red color, which she wore the first time she appeared. When she began to accompany Sesshomaru, she wore a white/orange checker patterned kosode. During Part III, she was seen wearing kimonos that Sesshomaru brings her. In every instance, Rin wore an ordinary green sash which tied at her back. Rin was one of the few non-minor characters, and one of only two female characters, to spend her time perpetually barefoot throughout the series. Despite being only a human child, she remained in her bare feet on any terrain or situation, and this habit continued through to Part III as well.













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After first meeting Rin, Sesshomaru wanted nothing to do with her kindness as she tried to aid him back to health after his battle with Inuyasha. Despite the beatings she received from the villagers, she cared only for helping Sesshomaru recover. Shortly after Rin was killed by Koga's wolves, wanting to "test" Tensegia once more, Sesshomaru used it on Rin, bringing her back to life. Since then, she has joined him and Jaken on their various journies. It's clear Sesshomaru cared for Rin like a guardian to her. He was often seen protecting her and rescuing her when she was in trouble. The most clear part his love for her was shown when she died a second time (this time in the Underworld) and he realized that he could not bring her back a second time. He said that nothing was worth the cost of Rin's life and Rin is eventually revived a second time. Sesshomaru, in result, decided to leave her in the care of Kaede feeling she was most safe there and needed to live among humans. He still visits Rin as she lives with Kaede often bring her presents and gifts each time.




Oftentimes Jaken got jealous of Rin and didn't seem to understand why Sesshomaru kept her around due to his disgusted opinion of humans.









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He'd usually be sent to watch over Rin as she gathered food or simply if she wanted to play. Jaken sometimes acts as if he hates her, but in truth he didn't want Rin to get hurt like a uncle. He also worries if Rin got hurt, that Sesshomaru would have killed him (which would be very likely). When Rin dies in the Underworld, Jaken can be shown crying for her loss. Whether they are just for Sesshomaru's sake or not, it was obvious he was extremely saddened because he, too, had grown close to the small human child.



Rin was the first to actually name the two-headed beast known as Ah-Un. She named one head Ah and the other head Un, and she had no difficulty being able to distinguish between the two heads. Both he and Jaken were Rin's two companions when Sesshomaru would go off on dangerous matters. Ah-Un often came in handy for making a quick escape as he had no problems with her and Jaken riding on his back and treat them like a pet.


Rin and Kohaku have been friends since they met. Rin worries for Kohaku's safety, and Kohaku is like a protector to her.


Manga vs. Anime










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There are no truly significant differences between Rin as she was portrayed in the anime and how she was portrayed in the manga. Both her appearance and personality were very much the same in both.



  • “Lord Sesshomaru!”
  • “Sesshomaru, come back for me!”
  • "Lord Sesshomaru, are you going to rescue me...?


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