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Rin has had enough of her and her children coming second to Sesshomaru's work. Can Sesshomaru be able to show his worth to his wife or is becoming the CEO to Takahashi Corp his conquest at life?

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Genres: Hurt/Comfort
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Published: 20 Jun 2015 Updated: 20 Jun 2015
Story Notes:

I own none of the charcters involved except for the Takahashi pups, Sesshomaru's secretary, his staff, and the kid's body guards. :) This story was done for entertainment purposes. I have posted it on this is the revised version of it. I noticed I had many errors in my first completed draft. If you wish to download or copy it to your own computer--go ahead--so long as you don't re-upload it elsewhere saying that it is your story. I've done this many times before and have even changed other's stories a bit but have kept it within the safety of my own computer files.


1. Chapter 1 by demonhybrid13 [Reviews - 0] (10501 words)

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