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Family Reunion by Ronwixziv Barreiro Rated: T [Reviews - 0]

This is a light comedy originally submitted as a challenge on . Nobody has died, Naraku is no threat. This is meant to be the "Inu Youkai Version" of Media's Family Reunion. I hope you will enjoy!

Recommended by: icegirljenni
Recommender's comments:

Story recommended on Rin-Sess


A very light hearted family base of fanfiction. I enjoy reading this story because it gathered all the characters and everyone is having fun. There might be a minor scene of Lady mother in rather unpleasant mood but that's just a woman feeling and it never affected the story Laughing out loud Overall, this is a have to read story and I hope you guys enjoy reading it. Don't forget to support the author with a review if you like it ok?


Have fun and take care.

Categories: Post Canon
Characters: Inu no Taisho, Inuyasha, Izayoi, Jaken, Kagome, Lady Mother, Rin, Sesshoumaru
Genres: Comedy, Fluff
Warning: None
Completed: Yes
[Report This] Added: 14 Sep 2012
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