3 Mar 2014

Update for one of my stories!!!!

Submitted by squeekers7304

Hi everyone....i know it has been like forever since i been on this site or even updated a story on fanfiction.net.....life just flung me all around and has been extremely hectic. Besides....i kinda just rememebered my login and password for here. lol. 


Ok The story i just updated is The Crystal Guardian...for those of you i know who are waiting for the story to update....well....It's Updated!!!!! Chapter 10 is waiting for your review. I am in strong need of feedback especially on chapter 11 whenever that gets posted. i lucked out a bit with 10 since it was already half way written before i dropped off the face of the earth. I also have been busy writing a few stories trying to get them finished as soon as possible so that i can try my hand as a professional writer. Ha...yea...that one i am more unsure of than my fanfic stories. 

Any way. Happy Reading everyone!!!!




Hey dear, omg it has been so long back since we chat. How are you doing? Awesome! I hope to have more time to go back to FF and read the updates. I have been busy with my life and been disconnected with the social networking sires for quite sometime. Hope to see you around more dear. Do you see our contest? Feel free to vore your favourite entry ya. Take care dear.

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